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Need help with the ordering process?

New items may be added, and current items may be modified or deleted from time to time. I try to maintain a pricing level that makes these amazing artworks accessible to everyone, but price changes may be necessary as market conditions and print lab pricing conditions vary. I appreciate your understanding. Watermark will be removed before printing!

Ordering is easy!

(1) Click the BUY PHOTOS button

(2) Select "From this gallery." The initial list will show only 2x3 aspect ratio products. To see pricing for other aspect ratios, such as square (1x1) or panoramic (1x2), click the CHANGE PRODUCT button.

(3) If an item you like is shown as "Not available," it may be designed for an aspect ratio other than the current selection. Select CHANGE PRODUCT, then select a different aspect ratio to see prices for other products.

(4) From the selections, choose a size that matches the item you want. The point-of-sale system currently shows products according to their aspect ratio (shape). Some photos may not look good in all formats and shapes.

(5) Once you have chosen an available size and product, your item should show as available. Click on the image of the product you want.

(6) Click "Add photos to Cart"

(7) Complete the check out process.

My personal favorite product category is METAL float-mounted WALL ART. These products are available in various finishes, with the high-gloss option looking like wet glass! A very nice addition to your home or office, and a great gift. My labs are the best in the world, and together we are committed to your happiness with your purchase here.

Thank you for shopping my site! If you have any issues with a product from this site, or if you don't see the exact product you want, please contact me using the CONTACT form (click contact in the menu at the top left of this page).

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